General Chemistry I at Centre College

Chemical Free!

For your first blog post, I want you to address the following topic.

Find an example of a consumer product that is labeled as “chemical-free.” Based on what you know from CHE 131, discuss why and how this is an inappropriate label. What is the marketer trying to convey with this label? What would a more appropriate label be?

Chemical Free Logo

You post is due on your blog by class time on Monday, February 15.  You should also upload a .docx or .pdf (no .pages) version to on Moodle by the same deadline.

Be sure to see the rubric posted on Moodle to understand my expectations.

The links below might provide you with some context for your post, but don’t feel like you have to address them directly:

Man Made vs. Natural Chemicals

Appeal to Nature Logical Fallacy


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