General Chemistry I at Centre College

Compound Interest

For your third post, you must choose two articles from and educate your reader on the chemical connection between the two articles using the knowledge you have learned in class. Post due May 2.

Compound Interest is a site that aims to take a closer look at the chemical compounds we come across on a day-to-day basis.  It also provides graphics for educational purposes, both for teacher and student use.  The site is run single-handedly by Andy Brunning.  He is a chemistry teacher based in Cambridge, UK, and creates the graphics for the site in his spare time.

Browse through the archives or scroll through the recent posts to choose an article (“The Chemistry of …”) that interests you.  Then, proceed to connect your topic with another article posted through this site.  This blog should include a brief summary of each article, as well as a detailed explanation of how these topics are connected.  Be sure to include chemical language as you describe the attributes associated with each article.  In addition, you must connect these two topics with another concept in the world – i.e. colors, chemical reactions, smells – just as you have seen on Compound Interest.  Briefly describe the third topic you chose and explain how you think it relates to the previously discussed articles.




Chemistry Matters

In your second post, I want your full report from the Chemistry Matters Symposium (aka your lab presentations.)  Describe the top 3 lab presentations you heard in enough detail that your audience learns something and explain why you ranked them so highly. Comment generally on how listening to the other presentations will make you a better presenter in the future. Post due April 15.

Chemical Free!

For your first blog post, I want you to address the following topic.

Find an example of a consumer product that is labeled as “chemical-free.” Based on what you know from CHE 131, discuss why and how this is an inappropriate label. What is the marketer trying to convey with this label? What would a more appropriate label be?

Chemical Free Logo

You post is due on your blog by class time on Monday, February 15.  You should also upload a .docx or .pdf (no .pages) version to on Moodle by the same deadline.

Be sure to see the rubric posted on Moodle to understand my expectations.

The links below might provide you with some context for your post, but don’t feel like you have to address them directly:

Man Made vs. Natural Chemicals

Appeal to Nature Logical Fallacy

CHE 131 Chemblogging

Over the semester, you will write three blog posts (~500-1000 words) in which you explore how chemistry is related to your everyday choices. Posts are due by class time on the due date, both on your blog and via All prompts will be posted here at

Blogging style guide:

Create your blog for free using WordPress, and let me know the URL for your blog so that I can link to it from my blog. If you already have a WordPress blog, it is okay if you want to add these posts to it, even if there will be other posts in between.

Your blog should be interesting. While blogs are not as formal as research papers, you should still use correct Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your posts should also have an organizational structure that allows you to tell your story. Feel free to include pictures, as long as you have the right to use them.

Blogs cast a wide net, but you need to define your intended audience. Is your blog for penniless college students? Moms of small children? College athletes? Indie music and film lovers? Give your blog a name and a style. Be creative. The “voice” in your blog might be a variant of you. Alternatively, you can create a character that does the talking. Create an About Me page to explain the focus of your blog.

You should consult sources to lend credibility to your discussion. Any electronic sources should be linked, and print sources should be cited.

Often the hardest part of writing a post is ending it. What should your reader think or do because of the new information you’ve provided? What will you do as a result of your post?

Your posts will be graded using the rubric found on Moodle.

Your first task:

Create your blog, email or comment the link, and complete your About Me page by Monday, February 8.

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